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CentLow Research Group

Eco-friendly & Environmentally Benign Approaches


We are an academic and research group that focuses on low-cost and green approaches in the area of waste recycling, renewable energy, chemical syntheses and digital solutions in chemical sciences. 


- Limited slots for graduate students (MSc & PhD) available now
- Mobile laboratory for chemistry experiments now available
- Lab analysis for natural and synthetic products now available
- One-on-one online classes available for    Cambridge and UNEB curricula
- Technical training in chemical analysis       with hands-on experience
- FREE ChemLab software available 

Community Services

  • Environment Impact Assessment

  • Method development and validation

  • Chemical analysis- soil, water, beverages/foods, petroleum & other synthetic consumer products

  • Practical sessions/seminars for Rural schools

Partners & Sponsors

  • YouTube

visit the channel for more videos

Team Leader

Research Team

Karume Ibrahim

Ibrahim Karume holds a doctorate in chemistry. His current research puts emphasis on devising green approaches with cost benefit. He is an academic and modern research scientist keeping trend with emerging chemical disciplines. Currently, he is working on bio-catalyzed syntheses, waste recycling, pollutant mitigation and energy capture & storage

Dr. Ibrahim Karume
Department of Chemistry
Makerere University, Kampala

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CLRG Physical Address
Research Lab-130, Department of Chemistry
Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

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